Jun 7, 2011

Now blogging has become a trend. i actually already have the blog. but, now imactively blogging. blog is a place where they share their stories and experiences.Unfortunately, there is blog as a place to aggravate others. oh yes, before im did not using google translate:) so im very2 sorry if there are broken sentences. i try toimprove my language. as long u can understand what I'm gonna talk after this. imconsider you understand. HAHAHA

seriously, I'm addicted to blog. dont ask me why. because you know my answer.right? haha. at first im did not like the blog. when im read blogs of people im feel verystrange. because their story is very long: D but, now im was kind of it. but, never to aggravate other people or humiliate people. okayyy?

btw, im rarely update my blog. because I did not have enough time to spend time with my blog. im a SPM candidate 2011. Wish me luck for my spm ya! haha. amin ~ erm,suddenly I lost idea. haha. The time now is1.50 am.
No wonder i feel sleepy:) so, that's all. haha. bye!

i do not like a diary, so i type in the blog:) my hands were not tired. haha
salam :)

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