May 7, 2011

Night :)

hye peeps. :D

yesterday after back from Parkson. I do not eat. hungry! of coz la. hahaha. then I wait for my sis back. she came home at 11pm. waiting for her bath then we went to McD at Permy:D so far. 30min to go there. we went out at 12am. BUT! we're not hussy! hahaha.
before that we went pick Dania. then we went to McD:) I was very hungry that time. then we ate at 1am after take orders. I feel sleepy + hungry. hahaha. how is it? : p
I ate Spicy McChiken. very spicy. hahahaha! My sis and her friend busy with thier HUHAHUHA! hahaha. then I also join lah. haha. Dania moody. dont know why. I probably know : D but ~ teeetttt! hahha!
then we chitchat. then we went back. up to the house at 2am: D very sleepy. I was disappointed with Dania.! haish -.- sorry if im not reply ur msg. :) take ur time ha! bye2. huhuhu

bye2. want to goin out! :) ciaoooo~ salam :)

white laven :)

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