Mar 11, 2013

Ways to treat people who like to look for problems

as we know, not all people who love in ourselves especially if we have an advantage that is not available to them. I was very strange because there are people who think conservative and shallow in addressing this problem. so here is a way that you may be used to treat people who like to look for problems. This is a way for me and I use it quite successfully this way even if it is not satisfactory.

  • First, if you read or see your name written on the wall or table continued, saying "I did not expect to have many fans and a lot of people who were watching me all these years"

  • second, if you were scolded for no reason tell them "okay, if so" for example, "I am not satisfied with you" so replied "alright" then smile.

  • Third, if there is anyone who attacks you for no reason you should only hear what they want to say. then after they finished speaking, you ask them "are you're happy to talk?" then leave them.

in any case consider only the simple things and ignore if it is not important. you should be behaving calmly, in dealing with messy problems like this. you just need to use a strong psychological as they are acting like this is not broad-minded and mature.

best of luck :) -AU REVOIR.-

In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher.

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