Jan 18, 2013

Vacation : Kota Kinabalu , Sabah ( Part I )

assalammalaikum all, not too late for me to say happy new year, 2013. I know all of you have a new resolutions to achieve. This is not about my new resolutions, but I just want to share about my last holiday. directly to my story, I went on vacation in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This is the most fantastic vacation for me.

I went there by car and spent 9 hours. as usual, my job is just to sleep. even have the license just for decoration. haha so don't you think to make me as a tour guide for you because I do not remember anything. hehe.

so here we go.......The first day I went to the island! as we all know Sabah very famous for its very beautiful island. Cantik sangat uolssssss. (so gedikss ) *fainted. okay then, we agreed to go to Manukan Island. Early at 10am we went to Jesselton Point. Is that so early? I don't think so haha. Jesselton Point. we all take a boat to Manukan Island. From Jesselton Point took 15 minutes to get to the island. If you want to go visit a place and be sure that you consistently have the contacts so easy to get a low price.

Jesselton Point

So the first thing that we did .......

PARASAILING ,did you know this thing? 

We played it in the middle of the sea. The first thing that I thought was sharks! haha when you are on top of me just screaming. The most special is that I can see the whole city of Kota Kinabalu. The price for this game: RM180 for 2persons. It was AWESOME! 

We rested for 15 minutes before proceeding to the next game. For the next game we played .......


At first I thought this boat would only pull us. The boat suddenly turn to the right which causes us thrown into the sea. I was very surprised. I submerged and resurfaced. I swallowing sea water, veryYUMMY! my father also joined us. we float in the middle of the ocean, and this is the most fun experience. this game just for RM20 for 1 person.

Then for the last game is........


This is the most challenging game for you physically. the strength of your hand is very necessary in this game. I felt like I was riding a horse very fast. is difficult for me to balance the body in this game. moreover, I am mild, so I fly and with a meager strength of my hand I fell in the sea. I only lasted one minute only. after playing this game I feel very tired. I feel aches. feel like I have just completed 8 laps in the stadium. as long as you do not fall, he would add the speed of boat.

after playing, then I see the entire island of Manukan. Many foreign tourists there. I had the time talk to tourists from Korea and Aussie. I feel like being abroad, because I see that they are just wearing a bikini haha.

This is a pictures of Manukan Island :

Not a lot of pictures because I was very tired after played FLYING FISH.
after returning from the island, I'm getting "white skin".

Manukan Island is the perfect place for a vacation with family, friends and for honeymoon. 
 Thanks for reading this entry Part 1, Just wait for Part II guys! price is very reasonable and very beautiful place. 


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